The East Mag: Wolf Castle Comes for Blood with EP 'Next Life'
September 23, 2019

The Mi’kmaq rapper is out for blood with this release. Each track is, on the surface, aggressive and urgent. Grant cleverly disguises the real messages under a layer of sex and fast living, but upon closer listening it’s clear his aspirations are important to him. The struggle of achieving goals and reaching new heights is a lyrical constant, even if the package is a little over the top.

There are some softer moments. “Coming My Way” is the second to last song of the EP and has more of a chill, R&B vibe than the rest. The harsh bass is traded out for warped and muted synth, and features sung vocals from Harmony Adesola, stylized as “Harmz”. There’s less focus on a physical relationship, instead exploring emotional connections. It’s a standout track because of its change of pace, and shows Grant’s versatility.