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One of the most polarizing figures in the Halifax music scene, Matteo Robinson, known to most as “Mo Money Matteo”, is a local legend. Matteo is a true artistic mind with many notable accolades under his belt. With artistic styles founded in Griselda-style boom bap and hip-hop, his genre is boundless and always evolving to the newest tiers. As a standout MC, he is able to paint vivid landscapes and immerse the listener into a world of his own construction, something that not many other lyricists have the power to do.

Mo Money Matteo began his artistic journey in high school, creating projects with friends and local producers and releasing them through his SoundCloud page. His early projects found the rapper finding his lyrical style and rhythmic flow which stands true in his music today. After years of writing new music and training, he released three breakout singles in 2020: “Rowdy Like Roddy”, “2 Person Party” and “Snow Bunnies”, that started earning him local recognition to a larger degree than ever before.

Riding off the success of this single run, Mo Money Matteo dropped the legendary project “Teenage Riot” with producer Finn MacAdam in 2021. This album firmly cemented his position as a notable artist in the Halifax scene, as this was many people’s first introduction to his druggy, descriptive storytelling, accompanied by dreamy, lo-fi hip-hop production. Following this release, his first concept project “Camp Nowhere” was released, with an adventurous story of a kid going to summer camp and falling in love. He celebrated the release of this project by renting out a rural summer camp for a weekend to film the video for “Cabin Fever” and inviting several friends to create an adult camp experience, complete with bonfires, mess hall, and an end-of-camp concert with special guests. This album was soon nominated for Music Nova Scotia's Hip-Hop Recording of the Year, showcasing his industry appeal and artistic prowess.

Mo Money Matteo has been a prolific performer in the Halifax scene on top of his achievements as a recording artist. Matteo was a contestant in Hopscotch Arts Festival’s Next Best Showcase in 2021, where he competed in a cypher with several other artists around the city. He went on to win the competition, earning the respect of popular local artists and cementing his spot in the next year’s festival. From this success, he earned the opportunity to open for Conway the Machine in 2022 when he performed in Halifax. He also opened for TOBi at Hopscotch 2022 with Baba No Baby, Shanii and Charmaine to a sold out crowd.

His most recent project “STUNTGIRL” started as a collaboration with emerging producer Acalus on a couple tracks, when he met Naïla Vinet, a tattoo artist from France, through Instagram after he found her work on his Explore page. Matteo began coming to the studio with the mindset of making a dance/hip-hop fusion with a European flair dedicated to her, as their connection was growing stronger over time. After a year of work, the album was released in 2023 and accompanied by a movie captured by him as he travelled to France to meet Naïla. The album has been growing internationally and shows no signs of slowing down. Matteo’s output is exciting, surprising and unpredictable, and it is incredible to think of what may be next for the legendary artist if this is what has happened thus far. Out of any artists in the Halifax scene today, Matteo is definitely the one to watch.

  • Matteo Robinson, widely recognized as "Mo Money Matteo," stands as a magnetic presence in the vibrant Halifax music sphere. An emblematic figure, he fuses Griselda-style lyricism and alternative hip-hop into a genre-defying concoction that perpetually evolves. Possessing an unparalleled gift for storytelling, Matteo ensnares listeners within his immersive lyrical landscapes, a testament to his prowess as an MC. 

    His legendary collaboration "Teenage Riot" with producer Finn MacAdam in 2021 fortified his status as a Halifax scene luminary, with his next album "Camp Nowhere" being nominated for Music Nova Scotia's Hip-Hop Recording of the Year. Matteo's ever-unpredictable trajectory continued with "STUNTGIRL," an international sensation produced in collaboration with Acalus and inspired by a deep connection with French tattoo artist Naïla Vinet. As an enigmatic force within Halifax's creative panorama, Matteo's artistic voyage remains an enthralling saga.

  • Mo Money Matteo, the enigmatic moniker of Matteo Robinson, commands the Halifax music scene with an ever-evolving fusion of boisterous hip-hop with massive character, a testament to his exceptional versatility. A masterful storyteller, he paints vivid realms through his lyrics, captivating audiences with his immersive narratives. Launching his artistic odyssey during high school, Matteo honed his lyrical style and rhythmic flow, resulting in a trio of breakout singles in 2020 that solidified his local renown. His collaboration "Teenage Riot," with producer Finn MacAdam and his concept project "Camp Nowhere" marked pivotal moments, embedding him in the Halifax scene through their hypnotic, dreamy  production and detailed imagery. "STUNTGIRL," his latest creation, emerged as an international sensation, born from a cross-continental connection with French tattoo artist Naïla Vinet. Mo Money Matteo's artistic trajectory continues to defy expectations, firmly positioning him as a captivating force in Halifax's musical realm.

  • Matteo Robinson, known as "Mo Money Matteo," is an influential figure in the Halifax music scene, seamlessly blending explicit lyricism and alternative hip-hop into a genre-defying sound. A captivating storyteller, he crafts immersive landscapes that have garnered local and international recognition, with his latest album "STUNTGIRL" embodying a cross-cultural collaboration and signaling his unstoppable artistic evolution.






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