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PRZM started with a young kid in his basement, dreaming of creating something larger than himself.


Alex (Acalus) had been learning to produce from the age of 13, experimenting with the possibilities of sound from an electronic perspective, with a dream to expand what he could make. From this moment, the PRZM movement began to grow - Alex began asking his friend Ryan (Ryan Vincent) from middle school to hang out, where they would make hip-hop beats and record songs for fun. After a few years of producing together and finding a stride creatively, they wanted to bring it to the next level. They recruited a school band member they had met recently named Olivier, and a new transfer student from Saskatchewan named Harmony (Harmz), to create a group they would go on to name DSO. This was the beginning of the community building that has brought PRZM to where it is today.

After a majority of the group graduated high school and went on to university, DSO started releasing music and received overwhelming support from their family and friends. This motivated the group to continue developing this collective. Over time, it was more realistic to focus on exploring individual artistry with each member. This inspired them to create a music label structure so everyone could keep a central connection with one another while still expressing themselves as individuals. The group started to branch out and meet other artists who inspired them and were also looking to create in the same vein that PRZM had been creating in and wanted to become a part of the collective.

Among receiving local award nominations, industry and artist support, local showcases and more for our efforts - that's our story up until now. Let's see what happens next!


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