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Alex LeBlanc, known by his artist and DJ name “Acalus”, is a multifaceted producer with several projects under his exclusive engineering. With a career spanning over a decade, there’s a good chance if you’ve heard any of the artists under the PRZM category, Acalus has been the mastermind behind it. He is the producer behind Harmz, Mo Money Matteo, DSO, Ryan Vincent, Timothy Robot, and more. He has several draws of inspiration that influence his output, spanning from progressive house and future bass to the outer reaches of alternative hip-hop and pop. A curious mind with big ambitions and a desire for perfection, he leaves no stone unturned when creating his next track.

Acalus has been a producer from a young age, with humble beginnings creating mashups and DJ mixes and posting them on his SoundCloud and YouTube pages. From here, he was inspired by many of the tracks he was hearing and started creating his own productions from scratch, originally founded in an EDM soundscape. He released several remixes and bootlegs of popular and underground tracks before starting to work on original music. He released a few work-in-progress tracks on his SoundCloud before starting work on his first album, Prism.

In the midst of curating tracks for this premiere album, Acalus started working alongside Ryan Vincent to create songs in more of a hip-hop channel. This, alongside Ryan putting him on to many new artists he hadn’t been exposed to before, started opening his eyes to what else was possible with music production. This new influence resulted in the formation of hip-hop supergroup DSO, with Harmz and Romaine included in the mix. By this time, Acalus was producing individually for Harmz, Ryan Vincent and creating DSO tracks while trying to keep his album dream intact.

From this point on, Acalus has garnered several full-length projects under his belt, such as the Music Nova Scotia award nominated Harmz project “The Best is Yet to Come”, the experimental and eclectic PYRMDSCHM album “Avantgarde” in collaboration with Ryan Vincent, Mo Money Matteo’s dance-infused “STUNTGIRL”, and the cult classic “DSO 001” from the early days of DSO’s output. Each project has its own character, and Acalus’ production always evolves with each new release and each new person that shows desire to work with him.

Along with the achievements of producing hit tracks, Acalus showcases talent in many other areas. He has years of experience in videography, photography, web design, and graphic design. These skills in diverse areas of digital media have made him an unstoppable force as a creative, and eventually led to the decision to abandon his album passion project. Instead, he transformed everything he had created into a label structure and created PRZM, a music collective fueled by collaboration and promoting local artists with drive and ambition like his. Although still in its early stages, PRZM is growing larger by the day, with new ideas and members being brought to the table. This exciting new chapter for Acalus is one to keep a close eye on, as he has begun his mastery of the audio production realm and is ready to challenge the expectations of his listeners even further.

  • Alex LeBlanc, better known as "Acalus," is a prolific producer and DJ whose musical journey spans over a decade. Behind the scenes, Acalus has masterminded a multitude of projects within the PRZM category, including the production for artists like Harmz, Mo Money Matteo, DSO, Ryan Vincent, and Timothy Robot. His creative compass is guided by a diverse range of influences, extending from progressive house and future bass to the outer realms of alternative hip-hop and pop. Acalus approaches music with unwavering curiosity, ambitious aspirations, and a quest for perfection, leaving no stone unturned in his relentless pursuit of crafting the next captivating track.

    From his early days sharing mashups and DJ mixes on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, Acalus emerged as a producer at a young age. Immersed in the EDM scene, he ventured into remixes and bootlegs of both popular and underground tracks before delving into original music. With a significant evolution in his sound, Acalus embarked on his debut album, "Prism." Collaborations with artists like Ryan Vincent expanded his horizons into the realm of hip-hop, ultimately leading to the formation of the innovative hip-hop supergroup DSO. Amidst a tapestry of projects, Acalus showcases not only his musical prowess but also his skills in videography, photography, web design, and graphic design. His latest endeavor, the PRZM music collective, stands as a testament to his transformative vision and relentless pursuit of creative excellence, promising an inspiring chapter ahead.

  • Meet Alex LeBlanc, the creative force behind "Acalus," a versatile producer and DJ who has sculpted an illustrious career spanning over a decade. With an unparalleled knack for crafting captivating soundscapes, Acalus has lent his ingenious touch to an array of projects under the PRZM umbrella, steering the musical journeys of artists like Harmz, Mo Money Matteo, and DSO. His musical influences traverse a wide spectrum, fusing progressive house, future bass, alternative hip-hop, and pop into his sonic tapestry. Acalus' insatiable curiosity and unwavering commitment to excellence drive him to continually refine his craft, creating tracks that resonate deeply.

  • Alex LeBlanc, known as "Acalus," is a dynamic producer and DJ, orchestrating captivating musical ventures for over a decade, including projects for artists under the PRZM label. Bridging genres from progressive house to alternative hip-hop, Acalus is a relentless creative fueled by curiosity and an unwavering pursuit of sonic perfection.



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