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Harmony Adesola, better known as “Harmz,” is a versatile and talented 23-year-old Canadian creative from the culturally rich Halifax region in Nova Scotia. Excelling in various aspects of the entertainment industry, Harmz thrives both behind and in front of the camera. His main form of self-expression is through music, specializing in hip-hop/pop, which authentically reflects his life experiences and upbringing. From a young age, Harmz found solace in music as a creative outlet to channel his emotions and thoughts, ultimately transforming his passion into a career.

Boasting an impressive repertoire of work in the music industry over the years, Harmz has produced numerous captivating music videos and short documentaries that offer an intimate glimpse into his life and journey as an artist. These visual projects have garnered significant attention on various social media platforms, including his infamous YouTube channel. His talent was first officialy recognized when he won the TD Music Moves Me competition, originating his path as an emerging Canadian artist. Since then, he has been given opportunities to perform across Canada as one of RBC's inaugural First-Up artists, and has performed in popular Halifax events such as the Grand Oasis Summer Series, Hopscotch and headlining Dalhousie University's orientation week.

Harmz released his first full-length album, "The Best is Yet to Come," on September 24th, 2021. This ambitious project features some of his most notable work. The album received a nomination for Music Nova Scotia's Hip-Hop Recording of the Year for 2022, and signifies the industry's recognition of his talents. His most recent EP "Better Watch" was released September 8th, 2023, with features from Halifax legends Lindsay Misiner and Maje. The ambitious project was nominated at the 2024 East Coast Music Awards for Rap/Hip-Hop Recording of the Year.

Harmz is not only a talented musician but also a versatile artist with skills in filmmaking and acting. His 2020 documentary "Youth Hip-Hop and Halifax" was featured in the Halifax Black Film Festival, the Montreal International Black Film Festival, and can be streamed on CBC Gem. In 2023, Harmz was nominated for an East Coast Music Award for Video Director of the Year and was also given the opportunity to showcase at the ECMAs. His exploration of various entertainment fields showcases his dedication to refining his craft and enhancing his success in the competitive Nova Scotia music scene.

Among his success as a solo artist, Harmz co-founded PRZM, a music collective out of Nova Scotia dedicated to promoting local artists such as Mo Money Matteo, DSO, Timothy Robot, and many others. PRZM has risen as a pivotal force in the region's vibrant arts scene by fostering collaboration and cultivating positivity. Along with their musical output, the collective provides artists with a platform to discuss their work through their recent podcast, "Behind the Sound,” and much more in the works. 

Harmz's genuine passion, raw talent, and unwavering determination to succeed make him an incredibly appealing artist to work with. Collaborating with Harmz presents a unique opportunity to be part of a young artist's journey as he navigates the challenges and triumphs of the music industry. With a strong work ethic, undeniable talent, and an ever-growing fanbase, Harmz is well on his way to becoming a powerful force in the Canadian hip-hop and pop scenes.

  • Harmony Adesola, known by his artistic moniker "Harmz," is a dynamic 23-year-old Canadian talent hailing from the vibrant Halifax region in Nova Scotia. Rooted in hip-hop and pop music, Harmz is a multifaceted creative who thrives both as a musician and as a visual storyteller. Music has always been his refuge for channeling emotions and thoughts, a passion that has seamlessly evolved into a successful career. 

    Harmz's debut album, "The Best is Yet to Come," has garnered significant acclaim in the local scene, showcasing his authentic self-expression and the potential of his artistry. Beyond his musical prowess, Harmz is also a burgeoning director and actor, continually diversifying his artistry while co-founding PRZM, a music collective that champions local artists and fosters artistic collaboration.

  • Harmony Adesola, better known as 'Harmz', is a 23-year-old Canadian luminary hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia. His creative journey spans the realms of music and visual storytelling, with a strong foundation in hip-hop/pop. He has received award nominations for his music from Music Nova Scotia and the East Coast Music Association. His debut album, "The Best is Yet to Come," has solidified his place in the industry, while his ventures into directing and acting underline his versatile artistry. Beyond his solo work, Harmz is an avid filmmaker and co-founded PRZM, a collective uplifting local artists and fostering creative synergy.

  • Harmony Adesola, known as 'Harmz,' is a 23-year-old Canadian luminary from Halifax, Nova Scotia, excelling in hip-hop/pop music and visual storytelling. Nominated for awards by Music Nova Scotia and the East Coast Music Association, Harmz's debut album "The Best is Yet to Come" has cemented his industry presence, while his directorial pursuits and PRZM collective co-founding showcase his evergrowing creativity.






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